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The research and development department is the secret of DIMAR's success and the company's pride and joy; it drives innovation, transcends boundaries and has guaranteed a competitive advantage in the field of Non-Invasive Ventilation for years.

Research and development form the backbone of DIMAR's activities. The culture of curiosity and innovation has always been promoted, encouraging a team of scientists, engineers and healthcare professionals to push beyond reality and challenge conventional thinking. By constantly exploring new avenues it is possible to be constantly on the cutting edge, advancing innovative technologies and technological solutions that revolutionise the field of non-invasive ventilation.

1. Innovation strategy

The DIMAR R&D department plays a key role in the formulation and execution of an effective innovation strategy. Extensive market research is conducted, industry trends analysed and emerging technologies identified.

2. Product development

The main activity of the R&D department is to drive the development of new products and to constantly improve existing ones. A team of designers, engineers and marketing professionals transform ideas into tangible, market-ready products. From conceptualisation and prototyping to testing and refinement, each stage is studied and analysed in constant contact with the Q.A. department, until the ideal device is obtained.

3. Technological research

4. Intellectual Property Management

DIMAR's R&D department is responsible for protecting the company's intellectual property (IP). Extensive research is conducted, protecting innovative ideas, designs and technologies with its own patents. This strategic approach to IP management guarantees DIMAR an important competitive advantage and relative market leadership.

5. Collaboration and Partnership

The R&D department actively seeks and offers opportunities for collaboration with external research institutes, universities and industrial partners. By promoting strategic alliances, DIMAR expands the knowledge base, complementary skills and shared resources. A commitment that enables the company to tackle complex challenges, accelerate innovation and tap into a global network of experts.

6. Continuous Improvement

The research and development department believes in the importance of continuous improvement. Processes, methodologies and results are regularly evaluated to identify areas for optimisation and increase efficiency. A dynamic and agile environment ensures the company is at the forefront of the industry.

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