Compliance - Whistleblowing

Dimar S.p.A., in compliance with the regulations pursuant to legislative decree 231/2001 and subsequent amendments and integrations, has adopted its own Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to legislative decree 231/2001, and has appointed its own Supervisory Board to which it has entrusted the task of supervising the concrete implementation and effectiveness of the Model, as well as any opportunities to adapt it.

Should the Company's relations with third parties contractually provide for compliance with the contents of the Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct for the part pertaining to them, the Company reserves the right to terminate the contract in the event of non-compliance.

Dimar S.p.A. provides the opportunity to report through this address any episodes that may determine or lead to violations of the above-mentioned documents, company procedures or the possible commission of offences:

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The objective of adopting this tool is to prevent the violation of laws, non-compliance with the Organisational Model or other company regulations, but also to involve all stakeholders in the activity of combating illegality.

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