DIMAR was founded in 2002.

A journey that began with the desire to provide innovative devices for respiratory support in Non-Invasive Ventilation.

After the first few years characterised by hard work, dedication and a relentless pursuit of excellence with the first patents obtained, DIMAR has rapidly gained an international reputation for its cutting-edge solutions and a healthcare practitioner-centred approach to patient well-being.

In fact, DIMAR continues to expand its product line and its name has become synonymous with trust and excellence in the industry, with a clientele that appreciates its constant commitment to the pursuit of quality and innovation.

The figure of Maurizio Borsari. Founder of DIMAR.

In the course of DIMAR's history, the year 2012 is worth remembering.

In May 2012, an earthquake devastated companies in Emilia, causing serious damage to the area's infrastructure and interrupting all work activities. A difficult moment, during which only the determination and constant work of the entire company made it possible to recover and restore operations in just a few days.


Nel 2020 DIMAR affronta la pandemia globale COVID-19 come una grande sfida.
La domanda di dispositivi medici per la ventilazione aumenta in modo improvviso ed esponenziale. Nonostante le linee di fornitura vengono meno, DIMAR, ancora una volta, riesce ad adattarsi rapidamente aumentando in pochi giorni di circa 10 volte la produzione quotidiana e spingendo al limite le consegne per la salvaguardia dei pazienti affetti da insufficienza respiratoria acuta causata da Coronavirus.


In 2023 DIMAR joined the HMC Premedical spa group.
 An acquisition that brings new opportunities and resources to the group, access to new markets and continue its growth.
 The group's shared knowledge, skills and resources will accelerate DIMAR's growth and consolidate its position as a leader in the field of Non-Invasive Ventilation.

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Dimar is an HMC Group company

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