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The 'EASY FLOW' CPAP Venturi Generator is a device designed to generate a high-flow air/oxygen mixture suitable for administering CPAP therapies.

  • The high-efficiency Venturi device uses the pressure of oxygen in cylinders or hospital wards to create a gaseous mixture of air and oxygen, at high and adjustable flows and FiO2.
  • The device is capable of generating high flows > 180 L/min


The system is equipped with a dual flowmeter with a 15+30 L/min scale.

  • By acting on the main flowmeter A, the generator draws a quantity of air from the environment which, when added to the oxygen flow, results in an oxygen % of approximately 30%.
  • By adjusting the second flowmeter B, the FiO2 can be adjusted from 30% to 100%.
  • Equipped with a pressure gauge to determine the therapeutic pressure administered to the patient.
  • Complete and efficient control of oxygen consumption and calculation of flow and FiO2 values administered to the patient by means of a yield table supplied with the product.


Technical characteristics:
  • Flow rate: 15 to 180 L/min (>200 L/min)
  • FiO2 : 0.30 ÷ 1 (30% ÷ 100%)

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