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Easy Vent DiMax

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DiMax' mask for the administration of air/oxygen mixtures for non-invasive breathing support in CPAP.

Technical characteristics:
  • Single patient
  • Integrated high-efficiency Venturi generator:
    - Flows > 120 Lt/min
    - FiO2 variable from 0.30 to 1 (concentration 30% ÷ 100%)
  • PEEP valve adjustable from 0 to 20 cm/H2O complete with Filter Membrane with microbial efficiency > 99%.
  • Integrated pressure gauge for constant control and adjustment of applied therapeutic pressure
  • DiMax Zero Total Face Mask
  • Luer M connection for oxygen administration or EtCO2 control
  • Oxygen supply pipes that can be connected to single or dual flowmeters.
  • Latex and DEHP and PHT Free.
  • Increased grip and comfort with less nuchal traction.
  • Reduced risk of contact injuries.
  • Versatile connector ideal for all requirements
  • Connector integrating Venturi generator and Peep valve replaceable with standard connectors for possible continuation of ventilation

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